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What Exactly IS Chiropractic

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Vertebral Subluxation Complex

The Vertebral Subluxation Complex is where there is a small misalignment, abnormal motion, and/or tension in the vertebral segment which interferes with nerve function, which is called the subluxation. The subluxation and nerve interference alters sensory and motor function, and ends up causing pain and dysfunction in the body. The pain and dysfunction ends up causing further subluxations, which ultimately ends up being a vicious cycle of dysfunction. 

Systemic Effects

The above picture is called a Meric Chart, and it essentially shows what organs are innervated by which nerves. A subluxation in the spine can cause interference to the nerve that supplies a specific organ, and cause organ dysfunction. For example, a subluxation in the upper part of the neck can cause headaches or even dizziness because the nerves from there supply the inner ear, scalp, and blood vessels in the brain.

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How does an adjustment work?

An adjustment is also called a high velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) manipulation. If you use the graphic above to follow along, you can see that there are multiple phases of motion. A chiropractor will take your joint to the edge of the mobilization range, up to the elastic barrier of resistance. From this point, your chiropractor will deliver the adjustment and move the joint quickly, but gently into the paraphysiological space. More often than not, you will here a pop or crack during the adjustment, which is because a gap is created briefly in the joint and releases nitrogen gas. The adjustment restores normal motion and nerve activity, which helps your body heal itself faster! 


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