Maki Chiropractic Clinic


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Types of Treatment


Chiropractic adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment is when chiropractors use their hands to remove subluxations from the spine. A gentle thrust is applied to the subluxation to remove it. Thompson and Diversified techniques are used at Maki Chiropractic Clinic. 


Kinesiotape is a specific tape that is placed over muscles and is also used to help reduce swelling and edema. Research shows that Kinesiotape can also help manage pain and is used for neuro-muscular re-education.

Consultation and Examination

A consultation and examination is necessary before getting chiropractic care to make sure there is not a more serious underlying condition, and also to see if chiropractic is the appropriate form of treatment. After the consultation, Dr. Lance and the patient may choose to continue to the examination to find the cause of the problem. Dr. Lance refuses to treat patients prior to getting a full consultation AND examination.

myofascial release

Myofascial release is soft tissue and muscle work that is very specific, focusing on trigger points in a muscle, specific muscles, or muscle groups. It is used with the adjustment to help the muscles relax.

Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercise is also used in conjunction with the chiropractic adjustments to retrain muscles. We focus on specific muscles and motions to strengthen them to help encourage faster healing and a more stable condition.



Electrostimulation is a type of pain management modality that runs a low electrical current through the muscles and nerves to relieve pain and relax the muscles. It can also be used to help strengthen muscles. 

Therapeutic ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound differs from the ultrasound used for imaging purposes (like during pregnancy). It uses sound-waves to heat the tissues being treated, which in turn increases blood flow and helps break up scar tissue. This helps encourage healing with certain injuries.

Dr. Maki is a caring, intelligent chiropractor, and I drive about 30 minutes to see him. I trust him completely with my adjustments as well as adjustments for my baby.
— Larisa L